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Writing stories for the screen has long been a passion of mine. My MA studies were focused on narrative design and screenwriting, and since then I have been working on my own personal projects. I tend to write science-fiction or horror that feature queer characters.

I'm always happy to meet other writers and producers, and I often work on other productions in roles outside of screenwriting.

A screenshot of the title page of a screenplay. It reads: Rehearsal, written by Gavin Spoors


Short film screenplay for a queer drama. A young man tells his parents that he's bisexual, but not all is at it seems as the very concept of coming out and the expectations we have for loved ones are called into question.


A short sci-fi drama I wrote and directed whilst studying my Master of Arts. An android attempts to connect with human society but is held back by a dominating A.I.

(Watching the film with headphones is recommended to get the full binaural soundscape)


I co-produced a self-funded short film; the story of a father attempting to reconnect with his son.

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