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Narrative Design & Games Writing

Below are projects I've worked on and samples I've produced as part of my games writing portfolio. I was a mentee in the 2023 Limit Break mentorship program and have recently completed the Into Games Advanced Storytelling course led by Kim MacAskill.

IG50 Winner Logo - Black.png

I was chosen by an industry panel as an IG50 winner in the Design & Narrative category. Into Games' yearly award recognises the 50 most employable, unemployed people in games. 


Working with Fairer Games, I was brought on as a writer to develop the dialogue as well as the cast of characters and overall narrative beats. The game was featured in the London Games Festival 2023 Official Selection.

Various Samples:
Disciple of None

Over a three-week sprint course led by Kim MacAskill, I developed different portfolio pieces. They are all connected in a dark action-adventure title I devised. The document contains a character biography and script sample, a dialogue system, a cinematic script, and a location biography.

A screenshot from A Plague Tale: Requiem, with a girl armed with a crossbow hiding in tall grass with castle ruins in front.
A simple terrarium on a wooden table.

Narrative Design Document:
World in a Bottle

Responding to a Limit Break mentorship brief, this is a short discussion document outlining suggestions for expanding the narrative scope of the game. 

Game Excerpt:
The Infinity Files

An interactive sequence made in Ink, complete with choices and a branching narrative. This sample is based on the idea of an otherworldly detective game imbued with cosmic horror.  

A black hole in space.

Item Descriptions: Black Sun

This sample consists of numerous item descriptions for a science-fantasy action RPG. The focus of this piece was to weave a larger narrative throughout each item.

Combat Barks: Death & Glory

A sample of barks for characters in a military-focused RTS title. Each bark is in response to the quick decision-making from a player in battle. 

Men in WWII army garb walking through city streets armed with weapons.
Dimly lit columns in a dark temple.

Audio Logs:
The Madness of Kingsport

These audio logs are designed for a particular section in an action-horror game. As well as telling it's own story that feeds into the wider narrative, the logs also provide hints for gameplay elements.

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