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Narrative Design & Games Writing

Below are projects I've worked on and samples I've produced as part of my games writing portfolio. I was a mentee in the 2023 Limit Break mentorship program.


Working with Fairer Games, I was brought on as a writer to develop the dialogue as well as the cast of characters and overall narrative beats. The game was featured in the London Games Festival 2023 Official Selection.


Narrative Design Document:
World in a Bottle

Responding to a Limit Break mentorship brief, this is a short discussion document outlining suggestions for expanding the narrative scope of the game. 

Game Excerpt:
The Infinity Files

An interactive sequence made in Ink, complete with choices and a branching narrative. This sample is based on the idea of an otherworldly detective game imbued with cosmic horror.  

Script Excerpt:
Sinner's Pilgrimage

A scriptwriting sample set in a dark fantasy world inspired by FromSoftware games. It focuses on an interaction with an NPC that features dialogue options for the player character.

Combat Barks: Death & Glory

A sample of barks for characters in a military-focused RTS title. Each bark is in response to the quick decision-making from a player in battle. 

death n glory.png

Item Descriptions: Black Sun

This sample consists of numerous item descriptions for a science-fantasy action RPG. The focus of this piece was to weave a larger narrative throughout each item.

Character Descriptions: Headhunters

Intended for an online PVP shooter featuring bounty hunters, these characters have their own biographies and are further characterised through several bark lines. Inspired by Apex Legends and Hunt: Showdown.

Audio Logs:
The Madness of Kingsport

These audio logs are designed for a particular section in an action-horror game. As well as telling it's own story that feeds into the wider narrative, the logs also provide hints for gameplay elements.

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